A selection of our meals

(zur deutschen Speisekarte)

Soup of the day
2,05 €
Ragout fin with toast
3,10 €
Small mixed salad
2,00 €
Large mixed salad served with turkey breast stripes and baguette
6,70 €
Mushroom pan with pasta
5,70 €
Noodles in a mushroom cream sauce
5,00 €
Redfish filet in cream horseradish sauce, small salad, salt potatoes
7,70 €
Thuringian speciality: Bratwurst with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
4,50 €
Thuringian speciality: Braetel with roasted potatoes, small salad
5,90 €
Liver with mashed potatoes, small salad
4,50 €
Steak or "Schnitzel" with mushrooms, small salad
7,70 €
Thuringian speciality:
Roll of beef, red cabbage, dumplings ("Thueringer Kloesse")
7,50 €
Wild boar roll roast, Mushrooms,
dumplings ("Thueringer Kloesse")
8,50 €
Venison Goulash with forest mushrooms,
dumplings ("Thueringer Kloesse")
7,50 €
Kangaroo steak in cream sauce,
served with vegetable and fried potato pieces
8,70 €
"Thueringer Grillplatte":
several barbecued steakes, small salad, roast patatoes
7,50 €
pork steak with paprika peppers & mushrooms, small salad, croquettes
6,70 €
"Steak Wuerzfleisch":
pork steak covered with ragout fin, small salad, pommes frites
8,20 €
Pork steak covered with asparagus & tomato,
small salad, roasted potatoes
8,00 €
Filet of beef (approx. 250 gr.) a on pepper cream sauce,
small salad, croquettes
11,50 €
Filet of chicken breast on mushroom sauce, small salad, rice
7,70 €
Thueringer Grillteller:
Plate with roasted poultry (a filled turkey breast roll roast and a
filet of chicken breast) on herb cream sauce, fried cauliflower, rice
10,00 €

Our menue contains 36 different dishes with pig, cattle, poultry, game, fish as well as vegetarian foods. All meals can be ordered even as a smaller portion (1,50 EUR less). Besides we have a special menue for children with prices of 1,40 - 3.00 EUR and a menue for ice cream (prices between 2,00 - 3.90 EUR).

In addition we offer you familiy-, company or association celebrations. You can select between cold and warm buffet. The price line starts from 7,00 EUR or a menu of their choice (prices starting from 8,50 EUR). We also deliver dishes to your home.

We do accept these credit cards:
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Bitburger Beer (0,2 ltr)
1,05 €
Köstritzer Beer (0,2 ltr)
0,95 €
Köstritzer dark beer (0,3 ltr)
1,50 €
Wheat Beer (bottle 0,5 ltr)
2,10 €
Vita Cola - Coke (0,2 ltr)
0,95 €
Lemon lemonade (0,2 ltr)
0,90 €
Several juices (0,2 ltr)
1,30 €
Mineral water (bottle 0,25 ltr.)
1,30 €
Cup of coffee
1,05 €
Cup of Cappuccino
1,60 €
Glass of tea, different sorts
1,05 €
Glass of grog (4 cl Rum)
2,10 €
Please check our menue in the restaurant for wine, sparkling wine and liquor.

Price adjustments reserved!